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West Village

When Rosemary’s Decides To Make Pizza, You Eat The Pizza

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Since there is no such thing as “too much pizza” in New York City, expand your pie-loving appetite with a brand new addition to Greenwich Village: Rosemary’s Pizza. With some subtle spins on the traditional Neapolitan style dough, Rosemary’s intends to give their guests something familiar, but new. Inside this rustic, but colorful trattoria (where exposed whitewash brick walls and marble countertops are contrasted by bright red barstools and teal tile tabletops), the pizza menu experiments with some exciting—if not unexpected—flavors, including the Guanciale (with fennel, smoked mozzarella, and burnt orange), Funghi (with lion’s mane and oyster mushrooms, fontina, and apple), and Brussels Sprout (with hot pepper sugo, almonds, caciocavallo, and parmigiano).

Next, top the night off with drinks at Cubbyhole. This long-running LGBTQ-friendly bar has the bones of a traditional dive, but a unique Pride-loving flair to set it apart. With a rotating, seasonal display of floating decor hanging from the ceiling, Cubbyhole is a pride-infused stronghold for delicious craft cocktails, jukebox tunes, and daily drink specials. This is the perfect place to end the night if you’re interested in checking out a slice of New York City history.

Rosemary's Pizza

18 Greenwich Ave, Manhattan


281 West 12th Street, Manhattan

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