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Cobble Hill

Order By Ocean At This Fun Seafood Restaurant in Brooklyn

  • Drinks
  • Food

Savor a taste of the world’s oceans at Saint Julivert, a modern and refined seafood restaurant inspired by seaside cuisines with a dash of Spanish flavor. With mostly counter seating, this is the perfect place to sit close and sample a bit of everything with their variety of small plates. Their island and coastal drink menu is adorably arranged by oceans, so pick your favorite places and drink accordingly.

Congress Bar, a cocktail bar, highlights its historical origins as an old horse-and-carriage produce shop by keeping the same homey wallpaper and its own original sign. Cozy up with your person and order one of their crafty colonial cocktails; and if the crowd gets too loud, move out to their smaller back room for some privacy. Either way, this low-key bar is an ideal move for continuing your quiet, refined evening.

Saint Julivert

264 Clinton Street, Brooklyn

Congress Bar

208 Court Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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