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Red Hook

Play Baseball Together In A Batting Cage Before Mexican Street-Style Food

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Take us out to the ball game, or the batting cage in this instance. At Brooklyn Sluggers Batting Cage, you’ll find a knowledgable team and a good clean facility. If you want someone to pitch to you, you can rent one of the tunnels by the half hour or the hour, or you can also buy tokens for pitches. The token dispenser doubles as your control center and gives you options ranging from slow pitch softball to high-speed fast pitch. No matter your style, there's something that should fit your talents.

Afterward, enjoy some Mexican fare for your dinner. San Pedro Inn is eclectic in every sense of the word with its part dive bar, part cocktail bar vibe, and the pedigreed chef Norberto Piattoni at the food helm, serving up casual street style Mexican food. Walking in feels like stepping into a roadhouse (think more tavern than dive). The huge and handsome mahogany bar that first catches your eye was pulled out of a 200-year-old house in Bushwick, under the creative direction of Other Times Vintage owner, and collaborator, Jason Grunwald. This eclectic and vintage theme continues throughout the space—they built their own booths, brought in bar stools from the ’50s, exposed the bars’ original floors and added in a few psychedelic-looking skulls. Anything from their menu promises to deliver, and house margaritas using freshly squeezed juices get the party started at $10 a pop. It's a place you could easily settle in for a few hours on any given night and lose count of how many margs, or tacos you've actually had.

San Pedro Inn

320 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Sluggers Batting Cage

80A Verona Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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