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Lower East Side

Get Dinner Just Like Grandma Used to Make Followed by an Eccentric, Whimsical Club With Views

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First, let’s get sauced at Sauce. This rustic Italian eatery feels like it could have been scooped up off the streets of Rome with its low lighting, quirky fork-and-spoon chandeliers, all-wood bistro aesthetic, and old-school wallpaper that may as well have been handpicked by any traditional gravy-making nonna. Pasta is made in-house, their collections of homemade sauces are their pride and joy (namely Grandmother’s Tomato Gravy), and the family-style setting jibes perfectly with the intimate vibes—giving a uniquely homey touch to date night in the city.

After dinner, head over to the SIXTY LES hotel and take the elevator up to the roof for Make Believe. This bright and slightly eccentric social club has creative charm to spare—from the magenta velvet booths surrounded by wall-to-wall greenery to the pastel pink rotary phone hung from a cement cylinder column. The visual whimsy vibes and even more whimsical drinks are great, but the views of the Lower East Side certainly don’t hurt.


78 Rivington Street, Manhattan

Make Believe

190 Allen Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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