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Vienna-Meets-England In This Upscale Dining Turned Dance Party Night In Fidi

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If you and your S.O. haven’t been to FiDi in awhile, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing in the once-sleepy area of town. Start with dinner at Schilling, where Michelin-starred chef Eduard Frauneder (of Edi & the Wolf fame) showcases his take on Australian-Mediterranean food at this popular FiDi day-to-night bistro. Wash down Euro favorites like spätzle, wiener schnitzel, and apple strudel with an array of creative cocktails, designed by the team behind The Third Man cocktail bar in the East Village.

Then, keep the European theme going by heading to Ulysses, a brisk walk away. The after-work favorite for I-bankers and the downtown scene, you and your partner can warm up with Ulysses’s traditional Irish coffee, made with Clontarf Irish whiskey, specialty Demerara sugar, and grated nutmeg. Wednesday-Saturday they have live DJ's spinning from happy hour until late, Thursday's are all about rock, and Saturday nights—our favorite—they host a 'traditional Irish seisún’, and live bands until everyone's ready to go home.


109 Washington Street, Manhattan


95 Pearl Street, Manhattan

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