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Lower East Side

Prepare To Be Amazed At This Japanese Beef Omakase Restaurant on the LES

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This one is for the meat-loving lovers. Shabushabu Mayumon is an innovative Omakase restaurant on the Lower East Side. Right now, there is only an Omakase set menu available, and starting at $125 per person it’s definitely one reserved for date-night or special occasions. You can expect to be delighted from start to finish, with each item being presented by the head chef herself, Mayu Kanatani in this intimate, 14-seat counter restaurant. Traditional shabu shabu is a type of Japanese hotpot where you eat thinly sliced (uber high quality) beef and pork, dipped raw, in Umami dashi broth cooked to your preference, and then season with ponzu sauce. At Shabushabu Mayumon, you’ll find unique twists with French, Italian and Spanish influences. Trust us, it’s $125 you’ll be happy you spent.

Bar Belly is one of those bars you walk into and 5 hours later wonder what happened to the night—in the very best way. The gorgeous copper covered bar takes up the first half of the cozy space nestled into Orchard Street and serves up fresh oysters and specialty cocktails. The menu features mostly original recipes, using seasonal and housemade ingredients like pineapple infused plantation 3-star rum, or cucumber-honeydew melon infused gin. From Wednesday to Saturday night you’ll find live music, and from Monday to Saturday, an impressive Happy Hour from 5-7 serving up $8 cocktails and wine, plus $1 oysters and more.

Shabushabu Mayumon

115 Division Street, Manhattan

Bar Belly

14 Orchard Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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