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Upper East Side

Learn All About The Shady Ladies That Decorate The Met's Halls & Walls On This Tour

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If you’ve ever been captivated by and wondered about the myriad women depicted in fine art—and who hasn’t—then take your date on a tour of the women that decorate the Met’s halls and walls to learn just how and why they became muses. From sex appeal to talent, and scandal to smarts, the Shady Ladies Tour will elucidate a female history that is sure to inspire and empower you both. Curated by an expert professor on erotics, there’s a lot of behavior to learn from (and copy) as demonstrated by the likes of the French King’s royal mistresses, Madame X, and Greek Heterae. Tours are Sunday's at 2:15 and Saturday's at 1:15.

You can mull all the exciting new information over on the scenic Central Park walk down to Via Quadronno, a quaint and chic Italian restaurant and paninoteca famed for its fresh paninis and heartwarming cappuccinos. The environment is warm and genuine among small tables, colorfully warm decor, and a bustling Italian-bistro feel, where you and your person can rest assured that the perfect panini for you is on the menu and that you’ll have the breathing room to give the masterpieces you just saw ample room for discussion. Sit close and share a few bites of that sandwich—trust us, they’re crispy and pure perfection.

Shady Ladies: Secret Tour of the Metropolitan Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Avenue, Manhattan

Via Quadronno

25 East 73rd Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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