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The Cereal Bar of Your Dreams Is In Nolita

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Get ready to indulge in Mediterranean boho-chic vibes at Shoo Shoo. With a young, refined aesthetic decked out in velvet and marble, this spot is all about satisfying your senses. And, with a menu rocking everything from their staple plate ShookShooka to a pita sandwich called the Arayes, it’s pretty impossible to not get swept up in Shoo Shoo’s vibrant, but refined, sensibility.

After dinner, head to the Milk & Cream Cereal Bar for something a bit more low-key, but with arguably just as much attention to detail. This place isn’t your average sweet shop, with cereal and ice cream ruling your sugar rush side-by-side. As if the pastel blue-and-white exterior wasn’t enough of a draw by itself, you start with a base of either vanilla or cookie dough ice cream and transform it into anything from Froot Berry Bliss (Fruit Loops + actual fruit + gummy bears) to Cookie Crisp Carnival (Cookie Crisp + Oreos + cookie crunchies + cookie dough). They also offer milkshakes topped with cereal and the not-so-traditional cereal bowls (think regular breakfast, but in heaven). This place is magic.

Shoo Shoo

371 Broome Street, Manhattan

Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

159 Mott Street, Manhattan

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