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Sunset Park

Peruvian Food Is Done Right at La Brasa Peruana In Sunset Park

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Slimak Cafe boasts some of the best coffee in Sunset Park, and it’s perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon hangout, sharing a small table and sipping on something hot, icy, or soothing. They whip up a great caramel latte, a strong Vietnamese iced coffee, and amazingly refreshing teas, like sweet berry black tea. Kick back, relax, and share some conversation while you work up a hungry appetite for what’s next.

When you’ve officially coasted through your lazy afternoon, stroll over to La Brasa Peruana for some savory, spit-roasted rotisserie chicken made with all the warm authenticity of Peru. This no-frills outpost brings you the delicious fusion that is Chifas—a meld of Peruvian and Chinese cooking that came as a result of Chinese migration to Peru in the late 1800s—and it gives it to you just like it is on the streets of Lima. That means savory halves of marinated chicken, slabs of tender ribs, fried wonders like Chicharron de Pollo, and an extensive host of sides to complete the meal such as pork fried rice, fried yucca, and sweet plantains, with just a dash of spicy Aji sauce for the perfect hot touch.

Slimak Cafe

4110 4th Avenue, Brooklyn

La Brasa Peruana

4618 Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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