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East Village

Eat All The Open-Faced Sandwiches At This Casual Scandinavian Spot

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If you’ve ever visited Northern Europe, you’ll remember how, even in the winter, the sun has a way of piercing through and brightening up the darkest of days. At Smør, there is a similar brightness, achieved with painted white brick walls, light wood details, and bright white benches covered in red and yellow pillows. What makes it even lighter is how simple the menu is; your choices consist mostly of open-faced rye bread sandwiches with Scandinavian-inspired spreads ranging from pickled herring to chicken salad. For vegetarians, there are several toasts to choose from, including an avocado toast with pistachio dukkah. FYI, they're closed on Monday's.

Go a little darker and deeper into Gomi, a Korean wine bar serving Korean food with a Brazilian twist. With wines from all over the world, this neighborhood gem is as cozy as your own home. One detail we love is the owner— Rafael’s—own warmth and charm, and the love he has for his dog, Gomi, who he named the place for.


441 East 12th Street, Manhattan

Gomi Korean Wine Bar

186 Avenue A, Manhattan

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