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East Village

Make A Day Out Of Buckwheat Noodles and Japanese Grocery Shopping

  • Food

Sobaya specializes in buckwheat noodles that are served cold for summer and warm for winter, but their lunch menu might be one of the most impressive in the city. At just $21, their Lunch Box Set is a veritable feast of authentic, handmade Japanese food for a great price. Choose hot udon or cold soba, and it’ll be served alongside tempura vegetables and shrimp, a mixed green salad, broiled marinated salmon, a mini chirashi rice bowl with salmon roe, assorted daily vegetables, and Japanese-style pickles. Oh yeah, and dessert is included.

On the second story of a strip of Japanese restaurants sits Sunrise Mart, the neighborhood’s biggest Japanese market. You could grab some actual groceries here, but for this date, keep your eyes on the snack aisle. From jelly-filled marshmallows and unique Kit Kat flavors to bean-filled mochi and rice crackers, grab a few of your favorites and spend the afternoon wandering the neighborhood and snacking together.


 229 East 9th Street, Manhattan

Sunrise Mart

4 Stuyvesant Street, Manhttan

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