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Customized Korean Skincare & Grass-Fed Greek Yogurt Creations in Soho

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Soko Glam has opened a multi-level pop-up shop in Soho, full of vibrant Instagrammable colors, awesome popular products, interactive experiences, and easy skincare makeovers. But it’s more than just a shop: rather than awkwardly pushing an overpriced regimen on you, the goal is to make you feel as at home as you do in your own bathroom. Ask the Soko Concierge for a customized skincare routine, and you'll be able to try it out in their chic private "skin fitting rooms.”

Keep the refreshing vibes going at Greecologies, a coffee shop focused on grass-fed Greek yogurt creations. Their signature unstrained cream top yogurt has a lighter, sweeter flavor compared to the kind you're used to from the grocery store, and pairs perfectly with toppings like rose petal or strawberry preserves. They even have savory flavor combinations, like strained yogurt with sun dried tomatoes and mint.

Soko House

43 Crosby Street, Manhattan


379 Broome Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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