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Get Pasta At Sola Pasta Bar, Then Get One of 'Oprah's Favorite (Sweet) Things'

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If you’ve been craving an upgrade from microwavable Ramen, Sola Pasta Bar has you covered. This farm-to-table eatery puts as much emphasis on technique as it does flavor, resulting in plating that is almost too beautiful to eat. A chic restaurant where the chefs prepare food from a central, open concept kitchen, Sola Pasta Bar is decked out with gold trim and a gold bar top, and a massive grated ventilation hood that directs your attention to where the magic happens (aka where the pasta is cooked). Hardly your traditional Italian fare, the spaghetti alla barbabietola (translating to “beet spaghetti”) and tagliatelle al tartufo nero (with parmigiano, fondue, and black truffle) are just a couple examples of the carb brilliance on display here.

After dinner, sweeten things up at MarieBelle. Officially labeled as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things,” this Manhattan chocolaterie is the epitome of elegance. For some visual context, imagine if Willy Wonka replaced his eccentric, dream-like style with an elegant, Parisian aesthetic. Owner Maribel Lieberman’s naturally exquisite talent with desserts is on full display in this gorgeous chocolate shop, and seating in the bistro-esque Cacao Bar gives you and yours a chance to indulge in Lieberman’s life mission of finding happiness in “food, art, and beauty.” Definitely leave with a box of their Signature Ganache Collections (just make sure it’s not the giant one priced at $280—because whoa—but also like we totally wouldn't judge you if you got the giant one).

Sola Pasta Bar

330 West Broadway, Manhattan


484 Broome Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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