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East Village

This East Village Bar Has Been Here Since 1992 And Has All The Games

  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Games

Somtum Der emphasizes Northeaster Thai food, which uses more chili, less sugar and a unique fish sauce called plaara—flavors which are usually toned down for more mainstream appeal. Try the Kai Tod—a unique Thai take on fried chicken—or the Somtum Poo Plaara—fermented fish sauce and freshwater crab. There’s something for everyone at this relaxed, laidback space that will make you feel like you’ve just flown halfway across the world.

Ready to take the heat down a notch? Head over to Ace Bar, an East Village staple since 1992 that boasts no fuss and no pretense. Here you can drink on the cheap, hang and play games, from pool to Skee-ball.

Somtum Der

85 Avenue A, Manhattan

Ace Bar

31 East 5th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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