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Greenwich Village

Noodles and Wine—An Indulgent Night in Greenwich Village

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If you’ve been desperate to scratch your noodle itch, South of the Clouds is calling your name. Offering up traditional Yunnan cuisine, this restaurant is packed with flavor, authenticity, and modern aesthetics. Served in either ceramic or hammered copper bowls, be sure to check out their signature dish called "Crossing the Bridge" noodles. This place is intimate, hands-on, and delicious (a.k.a. exactly how date night ought to be).

Once the two of you are all noodled up, it’s time to get wine-y. Amelie Wine Bar's main draw is what’s stacked behind the bar. Their reasonably priced, but high quality wine selection will let you and yours indulge regret-free in this sleek, ultra modern wine bar rocking glossy red and maple wood finishes. Also, their cheese and charcuterie customizable plates (which are pretty much a must) range between $7 and $30.

South of the Clouds

16 West 8th Street, Manhattan

Amelie Wine Bar

22 West 8th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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