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Spaghetti Incident x Leave Rochelle Out Of It

  • Drinks
  • Food

First, get your Italian fix at Spaghetti Incident. This trendy trattoria is all about giving classic Italian fare a hip spin, from its Sicilian-style rice balls (this is the specialty here, with standout flavors including red beet & goat cheese and crabmeat & fontina) to the cheesy crostino di pomodori secchi. This unique flair extends all the way to the look of the restaurant as well, with an exposed glassed-in kitchen surrounded by a wrap-around marble bar and a dining room that looks like a casual pizza joint with a facelift. And, even though you’ll want to sit and eat, they have the funkiest to-go cones for pasta (in case you’re suddenly struck with stroll fever).

After dinner, head to Leave Rochelle Out Of It (a bar, not a demand). Right away, you’re going to dig the chic, but welcoming vibe (marble tables, massive, arched ceilings, and swanky cocktail parlor decor tend to have that effect), and the cocktails (they call them Cock & Tales) will more than satisfy those thirsty throats of yours. The Mustache Tickler stands out with its sriracha infused honey and the Tootsie Roll is a winner and a half courtesy of the Mac 12 double cask & chocolate bitters combo. That said, even with all the high-end touches, the lively ambiance here keeps things fresh, fun, and unpretentious.

Spaghetti Incident

231 Eldridge Street, Manhattan

Leave Rochelle Out Of It

205 Chrystie Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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