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East Village

Go On A Vintage Shopping Spree, Then Enjoy A Food-Truck-Turned-Restaurant

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If you're looking for an over-the-top shopping experience, stop into Spark Pretty in the East Village, a vintage clothing and accessory store where everything is pure 80s and 90s. Looks from this store has been featured on show like Pose, The Goldbergs, and Glow, so you know this is the place to go for the period-perfect outfits and costumes. Shop from oversized t-shirts and sparkly jackets, and have fun seeing your partner dressed in all their glory.

Once you reemerge and find yourself back in this decade, make your way to LoveMama, a Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese-influenced southeastern Asian restaurant. Started originally as a food truck, this brick and mortar restaurant with its exposed brick and simple wood tables and chairs is a low key space to enjoy favorites like the roti canai and rendang nasi lemak. The service is also friendly and the prices are reasonable, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank (especially after your previous shopping spree).

Spark Pretty

333 East 9th Street, Manhattan


174 2nd Ave #5751, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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