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Lower East Side

Skip The Boring Dates: Get Chinese Food & Inventive Ice Cream

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If you’re looking for a down-home, casual date-venue that reminds you of a place where the lead of a rom-com would have a “usual” and know the menu by heart, then look no further than Spicy Village on the Lower East Side. Opened in 2010 under the name He Nan Flavor, Spicy Village offers an experience so easy to enjoy that fans created a T-shirt in homage. While the décor is spare and old school and the Styrofoam dishes leave a lot to the imagination, the food is cheap and memorable. Try the pancakes—which are stuffed with your choice of pork, beef, or egg—or the spicy big tray chicken if you’re looking to add some heat to your night. Definitely splurge an extra $2 to add some hand-pulled noodles to the dish—they are to die for.

After dinner, keep on the casual vibe at Stax Ice Cream, where they believe that ice cream should be eaten year-round. Inventive flavors like matcha green tea, cornflake bourbon, and ube come to life with the freshest ingredients. The real showstopper is the cremella. Choose between glazed, unglazed, or chocolate glazed and add your favorite flavor—or two, as you can go half one and half another. Or get a specialty sundae, topped with deliciousness like condensed milk drizzle or toasted coconut. It’s open late, so you have time to enjoy your short stroll over.

Spicy Village

68 Forsyth Street B, Manhattan

Stax Ice Cream

279 Grand Street, Manhattan

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