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Hell's Kitchen

Learn How to Sneak in Style at this Spy Museum Before Creative Craft Cocktails

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Tonight, forego your usual date plans (but really, are your dates ever "usual" when you use idk tonight?) for the ultimate experience in espionage at Spyscape, a contemporary museum that showcases dramatic spy stories (from Alan Turing to Robert Hanssen), legit gadgets, and more. The museum covers everything from real-life spy stories, artifacts from WWII code-breakers, Cold War spy pilots and modern hackers. But the coolest part? You and your person are testing your own espionage skills throughout the entire experience. Think you can lie without a trace? Guess again. Decrypt codes without batting an eyelash? You'll find out. In the end, you'll both discover what kind of undercover role you're best suited for—with possibilities ranging from special ops officer to hacker.

Then, continue the thrilling theme of the night and stop by Dutch Fred — a bar that pays homage to the veteran cop who named Hell's Kitchen. Owned by the same guys behind The Three Monkeys, The Mean Fiddler, and Tanner Smith, this bar taps into the era and legacy of its namesake with a 1920s-style vibe. Settle down among the decorated mosaic tile floors, framed portraits of Fred himself, and flat screens showing black-and-white films. Their specialty is craft cocktails with a twist. We recommend the Dutch Courage with Genever, lemon, simple syrup, celery bitters, and a pinch of mint and orchid flowers.


928 8th Avenue, Manhattan

Dutch Fred's

307 West 47th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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