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Take A Trip Around The Mediterranean With Homemade Greek Food & Gelato In Astoria

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Astoria is still the number one neighborhood for Greek food, and Stamatis does the area proud—think large, fresh dishes and affectionate service. The restaurant keeps it classy and simple with tables dressed in white tablecloths and wall art that alternates between black and white photographs and serene landscape paintings. In the warmer months, you can dine al fresco on their beautiful patio, complete with a canopy for shade. Along with Greek standbys like spinach pie, lamb or chicken souvlaki, and all the Mediterranean dips you could want, they also have a wide selection of seafood that comes to your table simply dressed and full of flavor (the fish come whole, so now’s your chance to get over that fear of fish heads). Come with time to spare since the dishes are made from scratch and can take a minute.

A mere stone’s throw away is Gelato & Co, where you can get gelato on par with the creamy concoctions in Italy—trust us. Similar to Stamatis, this cafe keeps it simple with decor but comes through with quality flavor. Their selection of fruit flavors is vast and comes highly recommended—guava, pear, and peach will all take you to a happy place—but there’s also rich dark chocolate and bright pistachio that shouldn't be overlooked. They have dairy-free selections for those that don’t love lactose. And if you need a little something extra, they serve caffeinated drinks and a few non-gelato dessert items. There is no can or can not, there is only cannoli.


29-09 23rd Avenue, Queens

Gelato & Co.

2902 23rd Avenue, Queens

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Like what you see?

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