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It Doesn't Get More Harry Potter Than The Cauldron Magical Experience

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Before Diagon Alley, all wizards and witches start off at The Leaky Cauldron. So, before tonight’s festivities, the two of you will start off at the Stone Street Tavern. This dimly lit pub has a brick-and-walnut guise with crystal chandeliers, golden glows, and an overall moody presence (we mean that as a compliment). With options like their Jameson whiskey-based jalapeno and pesto chicken sandwich, beetroot salad, and lobster & truffle oil mac & cheese, your appetite is in good hands; and, though you won’t find any cauldron cakes or pumpkin pasties for dessert, it’s the perfect first course for this particularly otherworldly evening.

After dinner, stroll down cobblestone streets to the Cauldron Magical Cocktail Experience. Though not specifically Harry Potter-themed (blame the haters at Warner Bros), this slice of pop-up magic is like Potions class, only there’s no Snape, and you leave good and tipsy. When you enter, you and yours will get your very own wizard/witch robes and wands (which are interactive with the room, by the way), and then brew your very own bubbling, smoking, color-changing potions cocktails. Paired with the gothic setting and theme-appropriate tools and decor (black cauldrons, dusty bottles, and stone walls), your inner geeks won’t be able to contain themselves.

Stone Street Tavern

52 Stone Street, Manhattan

The Cauldron Magical Experience

43 Stone Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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