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This Bakery Turns Into A Pizzeria At Night & It's Glorious

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Those who mourned when Jim Lahey’s Pizzeria Co. closed down after a decade of pizza joy can rejoice now that Sullivan Street Bakery is here. Like a Clark Kent into Superman, the Sullivan Street Bakery turns into a pizzeria at 6 p.m., serving up all your favorite artisan thin-crust pizzas. The interior is all minimalism and clean lines, with both bar and table seating. FYI, pizza is only available Wednesdays through Saturday, so plan accordingly. They have a small selection of wines—bottles if ya classy and canned varieties if ya nasty—and will offer the same delicious pastries they have during the day so you can carb up for whatever the night may hold.

No matter who the beer snob is in the relationship (there’s always at least one), you’ll both enjoy continuing the night at Milk & Hops. Part bar, part cheese and bottle shop, this space is light and airy with plenty of windows and wooden tables for sippin’ and munchin’. In addition to serving up at least 10 local, high-quality craft beers on their taps at all times, they also have a large selection of cans and bottles to try. The bartenders are knowledgeable and happy to chat, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or just talk shop if you want to flex your hops knowledge.

Sullivan Street Pizza

236 9th Avenue, Manhattan 

Milk & Hops

166 9th Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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