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What’s a Better Date-Night Finale Than Dessert? A Cup of CBD-Infused Tea

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Tonight is for the haters who think going out can’t be as relaxing as staying in—and it starts with Sunrise/Sunset. This low-key, breezy cafe is all about the laid-back atmosphere, with sunlight pouring in through the wall-to-wall glass entrance, informal folding-chair seating, and an all-around rustic aesthetic that feels as casual as it is charming. The menu is limited but unique (shout-out to the beet burger and tapenade grilled cheese), and if you’re jonesing for some fresh air, their back patio is a hip, no-frills hideaway staying true to the cafe’s nonchalant ambiance.

Now, onto Round 2 of Bushwick cafes (only now, you’ll be focusing on the actual coffee). Stroll over to the Caffeine Underground for a unique experience that puts a modern spin on the classic coffee shop M.O. With an energetic, artistic, and inclusive hook, the standout feature at Caffeine Underground is its CBD-infused beverages (aka the calming, non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana). With NYC’s only CBD-infused coffee (though they also offer other CBD-infused beverages like cappuccinos, teas, and Americanos), the idea here is to feel simultaneously energized and relaxed. So, find a seat beside their retro television, enjoy the diverse wall art from local artists, and enjoy the live music while you enjoy each other’s tranquil vibes.


351 Evergreen Avenue, Brooklyn

Caffeine Underground

447 Central Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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