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Tell Your Person They Look Super Fine While You Dine at Superfine in Dumbo

  • Dessert
  • Drinks
  • Food

For all your favorite food qualities—organic, sustainable, fresh, local and grass-fed—you and your person will want to head to Superfine, where a ritzy and seasonal Mediterranean-inspired menu awaits. Artsy yet unpretentious, this converted warehouse space boasts an open kitchen and a passionate owner committed to serving only fresh and fine fare. Live music will likely serenade your deliciously wholesome meal, and eclectic cocktails, like their Pink Lemonade, are there to add an extra flair.

Afterward, head to Burrow. This quaint patisserie combines the best of the best in sweet treats. French and Japanese influences merge for stuff that'll hit the spot. While they carry a couple of savory items, it’s their sugar store that really gets the hype. Decadent pastries like Pistachio Cake, Ginger Pie, creamy Choux puffs and over 12 kinds of ever-changing cookies are available to satiate your sweet tooths and give you something to happily take turns sharing bites of.


126 Front Street, Brooklyn


68 Jay Street #119, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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