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When You're Craving The Beach, Go To Surf Bar In Williamsburg

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  • Food

Transport yourselves to the tropics over sandy wood floors and hanging surfboards at Surf Bar a cute and kitschy Tiki shack that’ll positively brighten your moods. Hot pink lighting and barbie-doll embossed beer taps add an edgy, but still fun touch to set the mood for the flavorful seafood to come: clam chowder, shrimp tacos, a Mahi Mahi burger and perfectly greasy sides like sweet plantains, calamari and Surf Bar Fries with honey and sea salt. Everything is served on a little surfboard, which just makes it all the cuter.

When you’re done with your beachy food, go for upscale tropical drinks at Clyde’s, a quiet, stylish space for Trinidadian cocktails and small plates. Enter through the beaded curtain at adjoining restaurant Pearl (or through the unmarked side door), and share a candlelit table under hanging lights and calypso posters. Their rum-centric specialty cocktails, infused with Carribean touches like guava and cane syrup, will take you and your person to paradise, so order up some modern margaritas (aka, Jab Molassies), made with orange liqueur, guava puree and passion-fruit juice, and fly, fly away.

Surf Bar

139 North 6th Street, Brooklyn


178 N 8th Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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