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Mix Fancy Sushi with Casual Churros for the Best Unlikely Duo

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Fast-talking sushi chef David Bouhadana brings fresh and perfectly expert omakase to the table at this exclusive 8-seat experience at the 3232 hotel. Priced at $50 a head, Sushi by Bou brings you a 30-minute sprint through 12 pieces of sushi, covering everything from hamachi (yellowtail) to ikura (salmon roe) to uni (sea urchin) to unagi (BBQ eel). The speakeasy environment will only highlight the exclusivity of this delicious omakase spread. An immersive sushi experience, it’s the best and the most decadent secret in the New York Japanese food scene.

Your delicate meal might just leave you with room for dessert, so stroll over to the clean and bright cafe, Coffeed—a spot that’s open late for a caffeine fix and some goodies to go along with it. The main draw here is the churros—nutella, strawberry banana, and the incredibly delectable s’mores version drizzled with chocolate fudge and melted marshmallow. It’s just the casual place to go after that exclusive sushi affair and double down on the best street treats.

Sushi by Bou

Hotel 3232, 32 East 32nd Street, Manhattan


11 West 32nd Street, Manhattan

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