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East Village

Get The Best, Least Expensive Omakase In The City Before Drinking In A Soviet-Themed Bar

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Sometimes you wanna treat your lover to an extravagant meal of the best sushi in town—but that doesn’t always mean you have the cash or the time for it. That’s where Sushi By M comes in, offering an omakase in just one hour for half of a hundo. Even entering the spot is a lesson in simplicity, as the narrow restaurant is comprised of one long wooden bar with only eight seats; sushi chefs working on one side and hungry customers on the other. You’ll get the chance to try 12 pieces and can add on addition hand rolls—including their “Big Mac” roll with Wagyu beef, fatty tuna, and uni. They tend to get busy, but luckily take reservations via text.

Head next door to the hole-in-the-wall KGB Bar. This place is a well-kept secret and rarely is as crowded as other East Village watering holes. The bar is Soviet-themed and delivers on the promise with political memorabilia mounted on the wall, Russian beer, and plenty of red lighting. After grabbing a drink you can slink into the shadows and enjoy the speakeasy, bohemian feel or explore the upper floor where there’s often jazz, poetry readings, and other literary events.

Sushi By M

75 East 4th Street, Manhattan


85 East 4th Street, Manhattan

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