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Hell's Kitchen

Head to Hell's Kitchen for Flavorful Mediterranean Fare and Elegant French Pastries

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We love when we uncover hidden gems that become date-night favorites. Tonight’s lineup pairs two of our discoveries in Hell’s Kitchen that just might become your next tried-and-true go-to date. Start your evening at Taboon, where you’ll enjoy quality Mediterranean eats. With their namesake wood-burning oven turning out excellent and freshly baked focaccia and lamb kebab pot pie, this Middle Eastern restaurant brings vibrant spices and boldly-articulated flavors to the culinary landscape of Hell’s Kitchen.

After, stroll over to La Bergamote, a French patisserie nestled on a sleepy block nearby. Behind the glass display case, the options are nearly endless: glistening fruit tartlets, chocolate eclairs, pillowy meringues, layered Napoleons, exquisite opera cakes, buttery croissants...the list keeps going. Choose a few to split—because let’s be honest, dessert FOMO is a real thing—and linger with your lover in the charm and elegance of La Bergamote.


773 10th Avenue, Manhattan

La Bergamote

515 West 52nd Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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