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Slurp Ramen Reserved For Royalty, Then Drink At A Hip, Plant-Filled Wine Bar

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If you’re in the mood for ramen, Tamashii in Astoria should top your list. Not only was it the first place to bring Japanese ramen to the neighborhood, but also, its commitment to quality ingredients makes it a standout in any borough. From the tamari soy sauce—a specialty reserved for Japanese royalty—to the hatcho miso—which is made 100% of soybeans fermented for two years and mixed with 12 beneficial ingredients—Tamashii does not cut corners in making its noodle meals nutritious and flavorful. Choose from a variety of hot and cold noodle bowls (vegetarian bowls, including vegetarian broth, are available too) and enjoy while tucked into their narrow, dark wood tables.

Afterward, wash those noodles down with a glass of Chianti or cabernet Sangiovese at Botte Bar, a polished, modern space that boasts an impressive wine list, including sparkling and dessert varieties. Botte Bar also offers draught beers and cocktails, and if you’re still hungry, you can order from its curated menu of Italian-styled appetizers, pasta dishes, and desserts. The subway tile-lined bar and the cool silver stools give this space a hip, urban vibe, while the mood lighting, lush plant life, and glowing red-orange bottles of Campari warm it up.


2905 Broadway, Queens

Botte Bar

25-07 Broadway, Queens

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Like what you see?

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