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Don't Miss This Gorgeous Floral-Filled Rooftop in Flatiron

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Indulge in all that is Italian on tonight’s date through the Flatiron District. Start with the most delicious thin crust pizza the city has to offer at Tappo Thin Crust. This neighborhood staple comes from the same team as New York area favorite pizza hotspots: Vezzo, Gruppo, Posto, Spunto, and Brado. Don’t miss their house pie, the Giardino, with marinara sauce, cheese, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, sweet red onions, roasted garlic, and spinach. Once you’ve got the first taste of Italy of the night head down the street to Eataly’s new spring rooftop bar.

Eataly Flatiron’s seasonal restaurant on the roof has switched over for the spring—SERRA FIORITA by Birreria is finally open for guests who want to celebrate everything spring after the cold winter. The theme this year is "flowering greenhouse"—comprised of a lush, colorful atmosphere (pops of pink, fuchsia, and yellow abound), an extensive spritz cocktail menu, and vibrant seasonal plates infused with Italian springtime traditions. It's date night heaven and Instagram heaven. Go.

Tappo Thin Crust

49 West 24th Street, Manhattan


200 5th Avenue, Manhattan

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