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Prospect Heights

Curious About Tarot? Try This Beginner's Lesson In Prospect Heights

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This class offers an introductory tarot lesson, including an overview of the meaning and symbolism of each card. Taught by Donna Henes, an internationally-known shaman who has been reading and teaching tarot for more than 30 years, Tarot 101 culminates in readings for all attendees so you and your S.O. can start planning your future together. Henes teaches them regularly so be sure to keep an eye on the class updates here. This class requires participants to bring their own cards, but if you don’t have any, the instructor provides some for purchase. In terms of locations, you'll be going to Grand Army Plaza—the exact location is revealed upon RSVP.

Wrap up the evening with dinner at Faun, a stylish neighborhood spot with a backyard where you can enjoy pasta and other Italian-American dishes such as lamb with polenta and a 60-day bone-in ribeye. You’ll want to pair your meal with a house cocktail, made with ingredients ranging from classic bourbon to orange blossom water to brennivin (unsweetened schnapps).

Tarot 101

Grand Army Plaza (Location Revealed Upon RSVP), Brooklyn


606 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn 

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Like what you see?

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