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East Village

Get Drunk on Tea and Much on Frog Legs in the East Village

  • Food

You don’t have to drink booze to get drunk at Tea Drunk, an intimate space serving only the finest teas from around the world. Sip on one of the spot’s many teas, which span six categories: green, yellow, white, wu long, red, and black.If you love the tea assortment, you can sign up for a Tea Drunk subscription to have a monthly sampling delivered straight to your home. As a traditional tea house, all of this spot’s teas are caffeinated, so enjoy a pick-me-up before you head to your evening’s next destination.

After tea, take a short walk to Hanoi House, an unassuming Vietnamese restaurant with a reputation for excellence. Showcasing a limited menu, you can dine assured that the chef John Nguyen has cultivated an environment that serves only a masterful assortment of pho, bun cha, and spicy frog legs (if you dare).

Tea Drunk

123 E 7th Street, Manhattan

Hanoi House

119 St Marks Place, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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