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Rustic Tacos, Nightcaps, & Games In Queens

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The Alcove was named for that familiar, cozy space we all love to inhabit during our most leisurely moments. Outside, the white paint and bold teal writing evoke the feel of a seaside resort. Inside, the space is rustic in a stripped down yet interesting way—owner Jonathan Cordeiro and his wife decorated with 1800s-era reclaimed wood (one of the wooden doors even comes from a monastery). Liquor is showcased in dark wood shelves and red brick lines the sidewalls. Food comes served on wood trays and brightly colored plates, highlighting multicultural foods like tacos and arepas, and cocktails and craft beer from Long Island City breweries are available. This is a community-based, family business so check out their site for news of unexpected closings and for updates on newly-added brunch hours. We also hear the guava mimosa is incredible.

The outside of this locale, with its red brick and telephone booth red paint, looks like an homage to the kind of classic London establishment that would appear in storybooks like, Paddington. In fact, The Globe Tavern is a remake of a traditionally Irish pub called The Brogue, in its attempt to garner greater mainstream appeal. New owners put in new lighting, new flooring, and new furniture, along with classic bar games like darts and pool. There’s also a jukebox to drive home that neighborhood bar feeling. With tons of drinks specials throughout the week, this is a great place to kick back your beverage of choice and relax without pretense.
Trivia night is well-loved and a weekly event—stay posted to The Globe Tavern’s Facebook page for updates on weekly events.

The Alcove

41-11 49th Street, Queens

The Globe Tavern

4910 Skillman Avenue, Queens

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