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This Historical Jazz Bar is Also a Delicious Afro-Asian-American Restaurant

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  • Music

For the ultimate Harlem experience, grab your lover and head uptown to The Cecil. After its merger with jazz bar and restaurant Minton’s in 2016, The Cecil packs an even bigger punch. You’ll enjoy the famed Afro-Asian-American cuisine that has won The Cecil accolades aplenty while also experiencing the incredible live jazz of Minton’s Playhouse, where the foundation of modern jazz was established. New Zealand lamb chops, red snapper, and rhythm and blues? Sign us up.

If you can tear yourself away from the music, check out community hangout Mess Hall. With high raftered ceilings displaying all manner of taxidermy and animal prints, this beer hall offers hot dogs, brews, and complimentary cheese puffs—a perfect way to keep the party going and address those late-night cravings.

The Cecil

210 West 118th Street, Manhattan

Mess Hall

2194 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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