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West Village

Think of The Clam As Your Special Occasion West Village Date Spot

  • Drinks
  • Food

When we think of date night, we immediately think of the West Village. It’s the perfect neighborhood of quaint bookstores, overflowing window boxes, cobblestone streets, beautiful people, and candlelit restaurants. Tonight, it’s the last three things on that list that we’re focused on, and The Clam has all that and more. Think of The Clam as your Special Occasion West Village date night spot, though we think being in love in the summertime qualifies as a Special Occasion worth celebrating. House specialties include spaghetti with clams, grilled white clam pizza and fried clam & lobster sliders. Fine dining, seasonal fare, and your lover? We call that a winning start to the evening.

After dinner, head down to Little Branch, a speakeasy-style basement bar that’ll have you feeling like you stepped back into the Prohibition era. With bartenders in suspenders, an old standup piano still used for tickling ivories and jazz trios, and perfectly-made cocktails poured over ice freshly-chipped from the block, this addition to the list of World’s Best Bars is a sublime place to while away the hours. It’s cash only, and there’s no nearby ATM—your best bet is to head to Village Tavern to fatten your wallet.

The Clam

420 Hudson Street, Manhattan   

Little Branch

22 7th Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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