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You Can Keep This Date Pitch Simple: You. Me. Chicken. Alcohol.

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The Fly is a hip new chicken bar that’s the perfect spot when novel-esque menus elsewhere have you and your beloved trapped in indecision paralysis. This bar is all about homey simplicity, with the entire menu fitting on a letter board. They maintain that Brooklyn diner feel with warm red tiles that lead to a simple wooden bar or booths, and their entire wine selection displayed on minimalist shelving that could easily have come from IKEA. Their entire menu consists of rotisserie chicken (whole or half) and a few sides, along with a sampling of international wines, beers, and a few cocktails. Fun fact: The popular “fruit fly” cocktail at sister location Hart’s is one dollar cheaper here. This is a date invite you can keep very simple: You. Me. Chicken. Alcohol.

Keep the laid-back vibe going and tuck into Tip Top Bar & Grill, another place that’ll feel familiar, at least to those that frequent classic dive bars. This spot is small, with a low hanging ceiling and not much other than a long bar and a back patio. However, they make the most of the space with colorful Christmas lights and Obama memorabilia. Here you can grab a $5 well drink or beer (hit the ATM—they're cash only), chat up the locals or friendly bartenders, or take over the jukebox in the back to make this spot feel even more like yours.

The Fly

549 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn

Tip Top Bar & Grill

432 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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