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Greenwich Village

Grab A Pint & Some Spicy Ramen in Greenwich Village

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There are beer halls, and then there are Beer Halls. With cask-conditioned ale and an international selection of over one hundred bottles, Half Pint belongs in the latter category. Meet up with your sweetie for a beer from across the pond, down under, or, you know, the good ol’ U.S. of A. Bud. Candlelight and sleek dark wood add some class to your after work wind down. Whether you stay for a half pint or a pitcher, we think beer with your babe is just what the doctor ordered.

Ramen holds a special place on our power ranking of chill date night activities, so once you’ve settled up at Half Pint, head to Karakatta. The newly opened spicy ramen shop in Greenwich Village is the first of its kind in New York, and it comes courtesy of Toyko Michelin-ranked Chef Takatochi. They take their spice seriously here—you can pick from levels one to three on the spice scale, and standout dishes like the Spicy Ginger Stamina, which balances the heat of chili oil alongside the warming zest of ginger, showcase Karakatta’s originality and focus on flavor. Bonus: if you can’t handle the spice, head to Karakatta’s (tiny) sister restaurant Mr. Taka on the LES for your ramen training wheels.

The Half Pint

76 W 3rd Street, Manhattan


230 Thompson Street, Manhattan

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