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Upper West Side

Try An Adult Parkour Class Together At The Movement Creative

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Get ready to show off your stunt double finesse (or your ability to laugh at yourself) with adult parkour classes at The Movement Creative. Combining parkour, free running, and classic obstacle course work, these classes are the perfect place to dust off your gym class flirting. The classes are tailored to suit people of all skill levels and the instructors are incredibly kind and supportive, so don’t worry if you’re not “The Rock” level of fit. Pat yourself on the back for buying into the athleisure trend—the class is outside, so dressing for the weather and to move is ideal.

Stroll (or crawl, depending on the intensity of the class) south out of the park and head over to Angelo’s Coal Oven Pizzeria to reward yourself. This family-friendly pizzeria is one of the more casual places on the UWS, so they won’t mind when you take a seat in your sweaty clothes. It’s also one of only two places in the area that use a coal oven, so get ready for a beautifully charred thin crust and fresh mozzarella—a perfect Neapolitan style pie. The slightly spicy pepperoni pie or white pie are standouts here, but they also have a selection of salads if you want to keep the day’s healthy choices going. And if you don’t: cheap Chianti, domestic IPAs, fried eggplant, and Tiramisu await you.

The Movement Creative

Umpire Rock, Central Park South, Manhattan

Angelo’s Coal Oven Pizzeria

117 W 57th St, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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