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Upper West Side

A Cultured Cocktail Parlor & A Parisian Patisserie For Dessert

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First, check out The Owl’s Tail—a cultured cocktail parlor and restaurant with a young and colorful sensibility. There’s a massive multicolored owl mural on the wall, tableside vertical gardens, and masters in the kitchen and behind the bar who serves dishes and drinks that look as trendy as their attire. We’re big fans of the Austrian speck cooked in pumpkin oil and the roasted chicken wings served with a roquefort dipping sauce, but, really, you can’t go wrong with any options on their small, but impressive, menu. P.s., the Jedi Mind Trick is our favorite cocktail of theirs. And not just because of the name.

Next, head to Margot Patisserie for dessert. This dessert shop is small, but adorable, with tiny marble tables-for-two, a warm, laid-back atmosphere that feels uprooted straight out of Paris’ Belle Époque, and inspiration for a late night dessert-filled tea time for the two of you. Seriously, though, order some mini tartlets, a raspberry vanilla eclair, a few macarons, and, of course, some tea—then whip out that camera, because this is what Insta Stories were made for.

The Owl's Tail

215 West, 75th Street, Manhattan

Margot Patisserie

2109 Broadway, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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