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Midtown East

Elegance and Sophistication are the Focus at this Swanky Lounge and Fine Seafood Spot

  • Drinks
  • Food

If you like getting fancy, start off date night with drinks at The Pool Lounge. This high-end bar is as much about the drinks as it is the sleek, upscale atmosphere. With cocktails curated by Thomas Waugh and the bar itself designed by William T Georgis, this place is unapologetically chic and exactly what you and your S.O. need if you’re looking to give date night the picturesque complexion it deserves. Seeing as you’re adults and totally allowed to have dessert before dinner, their bitter almond brûlée paired with your choice of cocktail is a must.

After drinks, make your way over to The Lobster Club, where fine art meets fine dining. This Japanese Brasserie continues tonight’s theme of equal parts elegance and culture, offering up Japanese cuisine specializing in teppanyaki and sushi—all prepared to share. We know you've still got room for (a second) dessert, so pair one of their sweet wines with their warm Okinawa cake. If you were looking for the perfect place to declare your love, celebrate an anniversary, or even take your relationship to another level, The Lobster Club is where you want to do it.

The Pool Lounge

99 East 52nd Street, Manhattan

The Lobster Club

98 East 53rd Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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