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Crown Heights

Comfort Food & Tropical Drinks In Crown Heights

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Get you and your sweetie a little taste of the south in Crown Heights! The Ryerson is a dose of southern comfort food, offering up a modern twist on some of the good ole favorites. Split the half fried chicken with a side of collard greens and mashed potatoes. They also have a host of specialty cocktails, including the Farmer’s Tan, which blends scotch, sherry, vermouth and banana. And if cocktails aren’t your thing, they have the usual beer and wine suspects as well.

The comfort doesn’t end there. After dinner, stop by Super Power for a drink. It’s a vintage beach-themed bar, and let’s face it: we all need a little more beach in our lives. Expect fun little details like umbrellas, coconuts and all things tropical in both ambiance and in your glass. Try the Galangal Daiquiri, which blends white rum, cordial and lime juice. Or ask the staff for the rotating frozen drink specials. Whatever you choose, it’s like a staycation. Pool not included, unfortunately. Super Power occasionally hosts themed events, so be sure to follow them on Instagram for announcements.

The Ryerson

698 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn

Super Power

722 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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