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Be Productive Together, Then Reward Yourselves with Funky Drinks

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Head up to Washington Heights for a late afternoon workdate with your favorite all-hours date. During the day, the Uptown Garrison serves as a cafe before transitioning to a bar after hours. Grab a table in one of the window nooks, order your choice caffeine, and crank out the last of your productivity during billable hours.

Reward yourself and your sweetie for a hard day’s work and head down to The Honeywell, a laid-back basement bar that deals in nostalgia and experimental cocktails. Here, the vibe is retro, the service is friendly, and the deviled eggs are $1 each during happy hour. Black-and-white televisions play reruns of old game shows, and specialty drinks are served in lava lamp glasses. The bar also hosts Drag Brunch and ‘70s-themed dance parties. If happy hour is more your speed, wine is $5 and cocktails are $9. So grab two seats at the bar and make this your new neighborhood cocktail bar, because whether you’re a local or not, the vibrancy and inclusivity of the Honeywell will quickly make a regular out of you both.

The Uptown Garrison

821 W 181st Street, Manhattan

The Honeywell

3604 Broadway, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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