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Everyone Feels Like An Old Friend At This Downtown Bar That's Been Around Since The 70s

  • Drinks
  • Food

For elevated Korean barbeque, head to The Woo. This spacious restaurant feels modern with marble tables, underlit brick walls, and dark wood accents. They have a great selection of high-quality meats for grilling with a number of unique appetizers and entrees. Compliment your meal with dishes like the spicy tofu soup, short rib with kabocha pumpkin, or potato croquettes coated in panko. The serve up a few interesting cocktails, but their liquor menu really shines with extensive list of sakis, junmai, and soju. Branch out, and dig in.

Next, head to Kenn’s Broome Street Bar. Favored by locals since 1972, this bar makes it easy to see why. Besides keeping classic favorites and local beers like Brooklyn Lager on tap, they also have drinks with a kick, like Irish Coffee and spiced cider. Expect to be treated as warmly as those drinks, because everyone in this bar is an old friend (or in you and your lover’s case, so much more).

The Woo

206 Spring Street, Manhattan

Kenn’s Broome Street Bar

363 W Broadway, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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