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This Playful Restaurant Marries Japanese and Jewish Cuisine

  • Food

Have a whole day of good eating in Williamsburg. Kick off your day at Hole in the Wall, a chain of Australian restaurants around NYC. Enter through their corner entrance into a dreamy, lovely restaurant dining room. Order wagon wheel waffles topped with vanilla whipped cream cheese, strawberry jam, torched marshmallow, and nutella sauce, or pastrami salmon lox with pink onion, scallions, miso chive cream cheese, and poached egg on a sesame seed bagel. They also offer pasta and burgers with a whole host of beverages, from coffee to sodas and smoothies.

Later, get dinner at Shalom Japan, a restaurant highlighting the owners' and chefs’ connections to their respective Jewish and Japanese roots. Plates and meals are designed to be shared in a casual and refined atmosphere. Try the matzoh ball ramen or wagyu pastrami sando, perfect examples of Japanese meets Jewish cuisine.

Hole in the Wal

292 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

Shalom Japan

310 S 4th Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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