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Little Italy

For Some of the Most Authentic Spanish Food (and Smoothest Bagpipes) in Town, Head to Little Italy

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Do you miss the simpler times when our leisure activities—dining, socializing—were treated with great care, pomp, and circumstance? Tonight's going to bring that back. Tomiño Taberna Gallega, located in Little Italy, specializes in tapas from Galicia, where empanadas were born. It is the kind of place where musicians still play bagpipes and where tapas are still savored in groups, over hours of conversation. The menu offers traditional tapas and interesting new approaches, including the tortilla de Betanzos, which looks like a plump, dry cloud until you cut it open and egg yolk spills out all over your plate. It's a wow.

After that, we're sending you to Sweet Moment, a delightful confectionary space focusing on creative shaved ice and waffle desserts, and Korean-inspired “creamart” drinks. If it’s your first time, we recommend their signature dessert, the Bingsoo, which is milk-infused shaved ice that's fluffy and sweet, and comes in a variety of forms—think black sesame red bean or mango & cheesecake. But the creamart lattes are colorful and adorably cute—so much so that your affection for your little cup might overwhelm your ability to drink what’s in it.

Tomiño Taberna Gallega

192 Grand Street, Manhattan

Sweet Moment

106 Mott Street, Manhattan

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