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Morningside Heights

Caribbean Food & Broadway Powerhouses in Morningside Heights

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When it comes to authenticity, it’s the sweet plantains, flavorful chicharrones and traditional Caribbean mofongo at Tropical Sensation. This hole-in-the-wall latin restaurant is known for its homestyle cooking and vivid decor, where you and your love can dig into savory Caribbean favorites like empanaditas, cubano sandwiches and churrasco steaks under a vibrant tropical ceiling. Plantain chips and pico de gallo set the mood for the luscious, classic Latin dish of your choice that follows--and if the colorful ambiance doesn’t already have you feeling zesty, one of their fruity margaritas is sure to do the trick.

Close the night with a little fin. The West End Lounge in Morningside Heights hosts a plethora of activity in its back bar room. Weekly shows include 'So You Think You Can Belt', 'Bound for Broadway', and several drag shows. The venue is cash only, so make sure you've got some on-hand.

Tropical Sensation

953 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

 The West End Lounge

955 West End Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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