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Lower East Side

Try The Best Of New York With Cheese-Filled Khachapuri And Decadent Pie

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Get the best that New York has to offer, all on the Lower East Side. Grab dinner at Tzarevna, a modern European restaurant serving up delicious dishes with a twist like borscht beef sliders and Wagyu beef stroganoff. But what they're best known for is their Khachapuri, bread boats of leavened sourdough stuffed with cheese and topped with a runny egg yolk. As if that's not indulgent enough, you can also get it topped with mushrooms and aioli or crab meat and celery. Dine in their beautiful outdoor space beneath a canopy strung with lights; it's a lovely, romantic spot to try some original dishes.

Next, head to Petee's Pie Company, which New York Magazine said has the “best pie in New York." Sourced from local, fresh, organic ingredients and natural fair-trade sweeteners, these pies are homemade and undeniably superior to most other pies you’ll ever try. It makes sense; Petee—Petra Paredez—is the daughter of renowned pie-makers and owners of Mom’s Apple Pie Company in Leesburg, Virginia. Try one of their best-sellers—sour cherry or salty chocolate chess pie—or go for something a little different—coffee & cream pie or perhaps, for you nut lovers, a maple whiskey walnut pie.


154 Orchard Street, Manhattan

Petee’s Pie Company

61 Delancey Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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