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This Legendary Bar Hosts A Club Called E.M.D.S. (Early Morning Drinking Society)

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First, grab some dinner at Uncle Boon’s Sister. With a low-key setting, but a big personality, don’t let this petite Thai eatery fool you. What it may lack in high-end panache, it more than makes up for in personality and—most importantly—flavor. After you’re greeted by the quirky, multicolored neon sign and decor that feels slightly lost in time, you’ll have to choose between dishes like their grapefruit and coconut Yum Som, Phat Thai prawns (which are enormous btw), and the banana leaf-wrapped Aeb Plaa. Just do yourselves a favor and start out with the Kab Muu Nam Prik Noom (crispy pork rinds served with a green chile relish). Toast for dessert might not seem especially exciting, but their Milk Toast is basically a necessity here.

After dinner, keep the low-key vibes going strong at Spring Lounge. This dive bar has its own unique stamp of personality—namely with its obsession with sharks (we’re all about the massive shark strung up over the bar with a severed hand in its mouth). This place is a New York City legend, opening back in the 1920s, and it wears its rustic, unpretentious charm on its sleeves. So, whether you’re feeling personable and want seats at the bar or prefer something more intimate in the back lounge, you’re in good hands when it comes to a healthy supply of drinks on draft. Just don’t expect anything too fancy. This place is all about the atmosphere and history, and modern themed-bar antics aren’t welcome. Fun fact: they’re big fans of early morning drinking—so much so that they host the E.M.D.S. (Early Morning Drinking Society), assuming you have time for a boozy morning date during the week.

Uncle Boon’s Sister

203 Mott Street, Manhattan

Spring Lounge

48 Spring Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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