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Lower East Side

A Comedy Battle You Never Knew You Needed on the Lower East Side

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Just when you think you’ve seen all the great live shows Gotham has to offer, VERSUS comes along and makes you re-think everything. Hosts Meg Pierson, Zak Martellucci, and Dustin Growick lead a rotating cast of special guest experts in a battle royale of serious—and not so serious—topics. Who will come out on top? Bats or spiders? Biology or physics? Space or oceans? Chock-full of trivia, games, and prizes, the show will actually conclude with the audience's cumulative decision on who should be crowned champion. Check Caveat's calendar to see what's on deck to be debated next. The show starts at 9 p.m. and tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.

After, head to Yopparai’s sister restaurant, Azasu for an introduction into the world of izakaya and Japanese cuisine. An informal Japanese sake bar, Azasu stocks the largest selection of cup sake in the city. For those who want even more novelty, they have frozen shochu and yuzu on offer as well—we like to think of it as a Japanese margarita, and if you’re wondering, it’s just as potent. Or try Hoppy, a nearly non-alcoholic beer-flavored beverage that is a popular hit in Japan, and for now, can only be found stateside at Azasu. The food here focuses on Japanese pub plates like fried octopus, chicken teriyaki, and hotpot, and the big flavors complement the sake selection nicely.


21 A Clinton Street, Manhattan


49 Clinton Street, Manhattan

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