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East Village

Do You Like Velvet, Shag Carpets and Disco Balls? Go To Joyface

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Stepping into Virginia’s, you find something unexpected. Modern and upscale, the space offers a nice change from the usual East Village fare. Retro design elements—like the mustard-colored leather booth and yellow sconces—brighten this intimate setting. What results is a place that feels like it would suit a character in Mad Men as well as it would accommodate a hipster. The food is rich and the spices add inventive twists to classics like meatballs—seasoned with chipotle and mint—and roasted chicken—topped with salsa verde. If you can’t decide, try the burger; we hear it’s one of the best in town.

Do you like velvet, shag carpets and disco balls? Joyface offers this and more 70s-style charm in its basement bar. Designed by Elizabeth Ingram, who has lent her talent to several key NYC spaces, Joyface is full of vintage and thrift store finds that make the bar feel homey and oh so memorable. If the plush, eclectic décor isn’t evocative enough, Joyface bartenders prepare your drinks adventure-style. Instead of a drink menu, they offer a bowl filled with names of liquors and mixers. Grab a couple, hand them off to the bartender and see what he comes up with. You can always order a classic drink if you prefer, and if what you get is a little too strong, there’s a waterbed in the corner you can snooze on.


647 East 11th Street Street, Manhattan


104 Loisaida Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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